Maximizing growth and delivering outstanding results while understanding, engaging, and acquiring users with creative, data-driven & impactful advertising aids, experience the most innovative and upgraded mobile marketing solutions.



Maximising ROI on every Ad Spent.

With our premium resources and connected affiliate network, we create comprehensive and personalized advertising while delivering an accurate experience to the users, where we ensure maximum return on investment for every ad spend through segmentation of the target audience in advertising and engagement with years of experience in mobile app marketing and big data technology. By inspiring your audience with the right ad campaign strategies, engaging the right interests, and establishing a high-quality base of acquired users we offer the maximum results crossing desired requirements. Spending based on performance to convert reach into users with high lifetime values.



Data-Backed growth strategies for global reach.

We ensure easy integration via SDK and API which further helps in catering to high global demand. Our high fill rate and high ECPM ensure a regular flow of work and consistent returns. While identifying the right set of users, and utilizing data-backed app growth strategies, we prioritize global reach with app marketing. Scale up your user acquisition with improving user experience, while achieving the desired results and higher return on investments with enhanced ad campaign performance. AdZealous is the most innovative company in mobile marketing and app advertising and provides strategies for constant growth in app revenue, through ad solutions and user retention, that works best with your demands and goals.



Mobile Advertising solutions with tech in mind.

Media buying has evolved into an automated process known as programmatic in this 21st century. AdZealous, the new mobile media company, is a native, transparent and intelligent mobile advertising solution that unifies brand and content on one single advertising platform to access worldwide inventory across mobile applications. We offer a powerful open RTB program by leveraging the latest and best technological stack. AdZealous has worked with several DSPs and SSPs to assist advertisers and agencies in developing and implementing great programmatic strategies. As a Programmatic Player, Adzealous focuses on delivering priority bidding to buyers by offering a 'First Look' at inventory.