How Product Madness used OneLink’s Rich Media Support to increase engagement and D7 ROAS by 42%


Product Madness approached Adzealous Media for programmatic advertisement solutions. For the title Slots: Heart of Vegas Casino, Product Madness was running a performance marketing campaign with us but soon realised that the creatives were not generating engagement.

To solve this, we presented Product Madness with our Rich Media Solution that comes with our Demand Side Platform, OneLink, using which Slots: Heart of Vegas Casino observed a spike in engagement.


With the main focus on increasing user engagement, we began with market research of the gaming industry in five countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Egypt. We used the data from the study and matched it with the DMP audience to generate a highly targeted set. After successful mapping and data integration, the campaign was live for 36 Ad Exchanges.

Rapid AI (OneLink Patented Tech) was now given enough feed to optimize the campaign. In the backend, our highly qualified team of experts were running manual optimization to achieve the Soft KPIs. On day 12 we observed a 90% achievement of targets and post that we stabilized our inventories so that the algorithm could focus on scaling.

The Results

Along with increased engagement, Slots achieved a D7 ROAS of 42%, 2.4 Million Daily Impressions and D7 Retention increased by 23.7% (Fig. shows the increase in MoM Installs)